20 July 2010

Butterflies at Horton


Mating Brown argus


During an hours walk from Horton to Slade yesterday morning (19th July) I saw 25 Graylings (8 together in a quarry), 17 Brown argus including 2 mating pairs, 1 fresh Comma, 2 Red admirals, 12 Meadow browns, 2 Small heath, 7 Large white 8 Green veined whites 1 Small white, 1 faded Large skipper, 7 Common blues and my first Gatekeepers of the year (8). In spite of the rain we're getting this is a much better season than 2009.
David Painter

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Caroline Gill said...

Great photos. Great tally. Do you think we see more Commas than - say - 10 years ago? Perhaps just I keep a more astute eye open these days!