05 July 2010

Dotted Sedge at Baglan Burrows

Today Charles Hipkin showed me the patch of Dotted Sedge (Carex punctata) that he and Hilary found a couple of weeks back at Baglan Burrows. The species has a a very restricted distribution in Britain and Ireland and the only other Glamorgan record of I’m aware of was made by A.J.E. Smith at Oxwich saltmarsh on 16th June 1962, so this is a very significant discovery. Other noteworthy species seen included Distant Sedge (Carex distans) [a new species for NPT], Marsh Helleborine (Epipactis palustris) and Ray's Knotgrass (Polygonum oxyspermum subsp. raii), all very localised in NPT.

Baglan Burrows is a fabulous site and is the only sizeable dune remnant between Port Talbot Docks and the Neath River. It probably supports some of the best pioneer dune communities in the county. That it has no conservation status seems incredible given the quality of habitats and species, not to mention its strategic importance in linking dune systems along the South Wales coast.

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