27 July 2010

Mothing at Pant-y-sais

Hedya salicella (c) Chris Manley

Steve Whitehouse and gang made a trip from the Midlands to look for Scarce Burnished Brass at Pant-y-sais lat Saturday evening. Chris Manley, Mike Powell and myself joined them on a very damp and drizzly night. A Grasshopper Warbler reeled from the soaked reeds as we set the traps along the newly constructed boardwalk and Tennant Canal. Unfortunately, despite setting 9 traps, we failed to find the target species, but did manage to log just short of 100 species. The highlights included Hedya salicella (only 5th county record), 2 Epinotia brunnichana, 1 Donacaula forficella, 1 Dentated Pug, 2 Black Arches, 4 Round-winged Muslin, 25 Southern Wainscot, 2 Suspected, 3 Double Kidney, 1 Double Lobed, 20 Haworth's Minor, 15 Crescent, 1 Webb's Wainscot, 40 Small Rufous, 1 Scarce Silver Lines, 1 Oak Nycteoline and 40+ Marsh Oblique-barred (a tick for all of the midland gang!).

Epinotia brunnichana
dark and light forms of the Crescent

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