05 July 2010

Some other nice stuff from the Day

2 above are Grayling with the one below showing how well they can blend in with their surroundings
Above Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly (male)
Above Blue-tailed Damselfly (male)
The separation of males of each Scarce Blue-tailed from Blue-tailed can be found at the apex of their abdomen. In Blue-tailed the whole of segment 8 is blue, but in Scarce Blue-tailed only part of 8 is blue and segment 9 is completely blue.
Above Golden-ringed Dragonfly (male)

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Barry Stewart said...

Nice spot Mark. I was just commenting to Steve Coker yesterday about how few pumilio records I've heard of in W Glam this year. Steve & Anne recorded it in the very north of NPT last week. Barry