18 March 2011

Female Adders now emerging

Mark Barber wrote 'It's been a month since the first male adders were spotted at Oxwich and on cue the females have started emerging. The males tend to come out a month before the females to get ready for mating, soon the adders will shed their skins, disperse and breed. Females tend to be bigger than males. Females have a brown zig-zag and males have a black zig-zag. Whether it's frog spawn in your garden or a common lizard on your local heath, any amphibian or reptile sightings gratefully received at records@swwarg.co.uk Cheers, Mark'
female Adder
male Adder


Jeremy said...

Where's the best place to look for Adders at Oxwich? Thanks.

Barry Stewart said...

Common Lizards seen at a few sites in the last few days and 4 Grass Snakes were seen 'tussling' at Llanrhidian a couple of days ago. We also saw a Red-necked Terrapin basking at Broad Pool last sunday, so plenty starting to happen during this fin weather.

Barry Stewart said...

Jeremy not sure why Mark's posting never appeared, but he replied: 'I am more than happy to show you / advise a few spots, but I would rather not publicise them publicly. My email address is mark.barber at arc-trust.org (replace the at with an @)./