13 March 2011

Signs of Spring at Eglwys

Peacock (Inachis io)
A very nice day to walk around the reservoir at Eglwys Nunydd. The wind had a bit of an edge to it but in some of the sheltered areas out of the wind it was very warm. I saw this Peacock on the West side of the res.
Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae)
I saw my first Small Tortoiseshell on the 4th March this year but at least three were on the wing around Eglwys today. There were also lots of bumblebees flying, mostly Buff-tailed bumblebees but, also at least 1 Early Bumblebee. I also saw a pretty good candidate for Orange Underwing (Archiearis pathenias) but only seen briefly so I can't be certain.
In the wood on the North side of the reservoir 3 Chiffchaff were moving swiftly through the bushes and George Morgan had another near the fishing ticket office also today.


Barry Stewart said...

Sandra saw also saw a Small Tortoiseshell at Loughor foreshore this morning and this afternoon we saw a Peacock at longhole Cliff, but we never managed photos of either. Both your specimens seemed to have survived the winter in good condition.
Was you possible Orange Underwing flying around birch or willow catkins?

Mark Hipkin said...

The poss Orange Underwing was on the ground in a damp area (waterlogged track with mosses) and it flew straight up over the reeds towards the main line to London and was lost. The Orange Underwing I saw last year near Red Jacket Pill was doing exactly the same thing only it returned for me to photograph. The size, about half a Small Tortoiseshell, was noticeable. Lots of willow catkins around this part and Kenfig river no that far. It just reminded me of last year's sighting but, I can't be certain.