30 March 2011

Full set of Hirundines

House Martin at Eglwys
 Well, a clean sweep of the common ones anyway! All three regular summering hirundines were present at Eglwys today; c100 Sand Martin, 6+ Swallow and 1 House Martin. Manual focusing on hirundines is no easy task and as you can see I've still got a long, long way to go! The thinking being that practising on the day a Red-rumped Swallow turned up would be leaving it a bit late. Here's hoping in any case!
Swallow at Eglwys

Sand Martin at Eglwys


Barry Stewart said...

Finally caught up with some Swallows today, also there seem to be quite a few Willow Warblers around too.

Mark Hipkin said...

No kidding regarding the Willow Warblers! At Eglwys this afternoon/evening they were everywhere. Easily more than 20 birds and outnumbering the Chiff Chaff.