16 March 2011

Spring beetles

On the footpath between Horton and Slade this morning I saw 4 Female and 1 male Oil beetles Meloe proscarabaeus. Also (I think) a Bloody nosed beetle Timarcha sp.

Oil beetle female

Oil beetle male

Bloody nosed beetle
David Painter


Valley Naturalist said...

Yes its a bloody nosed beetle.


Barry Stewart said...

Mick Fordy has pointed out that only the male has the kinked antennae and the photos both depict males.
It is also worth noting that the Violet Oil Beetle (Meloe violaceus) occurs on Gower, though is only known from the cliffs west of Horton, so worth taking a record macro-shot of the thorax if you have a camera with that function. I'm quite happy to look at any shots - For more on this species in Gower check out http://goweros.blogspot.com/2010/04/violet-oil-beetle-at-sands.html