16 August 2011

Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir

Any news Mark of access for birders being reinstated ?


Mark Hipkin said...

Jeff, I have contacted Tata Steel on behalf of GOS with the hope of setting up a meeting to discuss the current situation. To date I have not been able to arrange this meeting. If the current situations changes I will let all interested parties know immediately. My feeling is that this will be a long process and I am resigned to the fact that Eglwys will be out of bounds for the foreseeable future. It is privately owned and as such access can be controlled to suit their wishes. I am as disappointed as anyone that we are no longer allowed to birdwatch there. Please be assured that I will be working tirelessly in the meantime to allow for our return. In what form that will be, if at all, remains to be seen?

Jeff said...

Thanks Mark.

chris said...

i'm sure this has been thought out,but would a permit(not great,but happens with a lot of private sites)be an option.at least birders have access,at a price,and site owners have regulation over who's present.surely this would key-in with fisherman etc.

Anonymous said...

comes to something when you have a bunch of Indians locking us out of an area thats been birded for years, just another sign of the decline of our nation

Geniaphobic said...

Leaving aside the last comment, which is not helpful. As someone who also used the lake for exercise & bird watching, I am amazed at how quickly Tata shut this off without so much as a squeak from the public.
Tata's excuse for the closure (some phantom shrimp) is as bogus as their current argument for the application to close off the footpath to Morfa Beach and shutting access to the beach itself. Again, this will hugely affect birdwatchers.
We are battling against Tata's ruinous plans. Please join us in our fight: www.savemorfabeach.co.uk; our Facebook page, and Twitter @savemorfabeach (#savemorfabeach).

David Benjamin said...

The lake still remains shut to the general public and is likely to stay so because of the killer shrimp restrictions imposed by the EA. Might I suggest that Birdwatchers join the fishing club and thus obtain access. Please note that no dogs are allowed on the site which is a bonus. It might be possible to negotiate a reduced membership rate for non- fishing members ( current membership is £186 )

Mark Hipkin said...

If my memory serves me right I met you a few times around the res and maybe showed you and your son a very smart drake Scaup on one occasion?
Thanks very much for the comment. It is an interesting angle to work around the situation. My initial request to arrange a meeting with Tata has been unsuccessful. I don't mind admitting that I have heard a number of rumours floating around as to why birdwatchers and the wide ranging general public have been denied access. No official line has been presented to my knowledge.
Personally I would be welcome a permitted access scheme but the membership rate that you have quoted will be beyond the means of many local birders. A non-fishing permit at a reduced rate may be more appealing to previous regular visitors, many of whom are now retired.
I'd be more than happy to speak with the authorities regarding this idea and would appreciate direction as to whom I should approach.
Please reply this comment or contact me

Anonymous said...

Is access to eglwys nunydd still restricted? I used to run around there all the time, please reply with any info to sjr13@hotmail.co.uk
Thank you

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