22 August 2011

Upper Neath Valley

Black Darter (Sympetrum danae)
 I saw my first Black Darter today. Most commonly found in upland habitats where it likes acidic shallow ponds, lake margins and moorland blanket bog. Now is a good time to look for this species with many records coming from the last couple of weeks in August and through September.
A Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus vespilloides)
 This Burying Beetle flew past me at close range and its striking markings were quite noticeable even in flight. If the strong markings were not impressive enough these beetles, often working in pairs, are able to bury the carcasses of small animals (birds, mice, etc) in the ground. They do this by digging shafts under the corpse before dragging it in. The female then lays the eggs next to the corpse.

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