04 August 2011

Thurba insects

Following some early morning checking of moth traps it was good to spend some time with Tristan Bantock, Ian Tew and Ray Wilson bug-hunting at Thurba. Tristan specialises in Hemiptera (check out his website http://www.britishbugs.org.uk/) and wanted to search for a Local ground bug associated with Buck's-horn Plantain found on coasts in the south-west of the UK. After reaching the outer part of the headland it wasn't long before Ian found one under a dessicated plant (stressed plants being preferred according to Tristan), quickly followed by a few more. Ray took this cracking image of one of these 5-6mm long bugs with its distinctive stalked eyes.
Henestaris laticeps (c) R. Wilson
Other good insects noted included the Nationally Notable Plume-moth Agdistis meridionalis, with its unusual resting posture (see below), Chalk Carpet, Annulet, Humming-bird Hawk-moth and another good bug Dicranocephalus agilis.
Agdistis meridionalis (c) R. Wilson
For more of Ray's photos check out his website at http://www.raywilsonbirdphotography.co.uk
Ian (hidden) behind Tristan and Ray
in good Henestaris habitat on Thurba 

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