04 August 2011

More Skink news

On 28th July Dave Carrington wrote: 'The parents of a child on our children's summer play scheme brought this lizard to Kenfig yesterday. Two of these came as hitch hikers in a crate from South Africa. We are not sure what species it is but it does bear some resemblance to internet images of the skink Trachylepis striata. I'd be grateful if anyone with knowledge or a field guide could assist with identification.'
(c) D.G. Carrington
If you scroll down to the reptile reported by Simon Allen on the same date, these look to be the same species.

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TomMorgz said...

To me it looks like a Large Psammodromus 'Psammodromus Algirus' and it is the most likely species that looks like it thqt could survive they come from as far north as south France, and south as north west Africa. It seems the most likely species that could survive.