02 October 2011

Bonxie on Swansea's filthy west pier

A very confiding Great Skua was looking for scraps on the pier this morning providing great photo opportunities with the Meridian Tower behind. We had a very nice cup of hot chocolate in the Grape and Olive at the top of the building afterwards and can definitely recommend it; stunning views and we managed to tick off the skua from there too! Some friendly Turnstones were also present feeding on left over bait. I have to say the mess left on the pier by fishermen was a disgrace, not just the usual discarded line and hooks everywhere, but cans and litter left scattered. I wont go into details about the foul smell engulfing the end of the pier - perhaps that's what attracted the Bonxie in the first place!
Bonxie is the Shetland name for Great Skua and is commonly adopted by birdwatchers. It is believed to be of Scandinavian origin derived from bunke meaning 'dumpy body'.


Jeff said...

Great images Barry,nice one.

Jeremy said...

If you think the pier was a mess, you should have seen the dunes at the top of the beach after student partying in the recent hot weather. You'd think these 'educated' people would know better - not a bit of it - ten times worse than the pier!