05 October 2011

Red Deer at Margam

Early morning Stag
Paul Tyrrell wrote: 'Good to see so many fantastic birds on or near our patch so far this autumn, long may it continue. But as you know autumn is also the time of the red deer rut so with the weather set good for the weekend i headed to margam park for first light saturday morning, and i wasn't disappointed. There seemed to be one large stag holding an area with thirty or more hinds in it. there were half a dozen younger and much smaller males around, but any coming to close were quickly chased away, with much bellowing and stamping of the ground. The younger stags seemed quite happy to flex their muscles among them selves with some locking of antlers and much pushing and shoving but none with the strength or size to challenge the dominant stag. I later spoke to a chap who told me there was another large stag at the other end of the park with his own group of females. So i will definitely be going back in the next week or two, weather permitting of course.'
Stag with some of his hinds
Sun rise

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