30 October 2011

Isabelline Shrike at Porth Clais, Pembroke

I started off today with good intentions of maybe finding something nice in our recording area and having made the trip to Rhossili things weren't going too badly with a late Balearic Shearwater flying out of Rhossili Bay. Not long after this however news came through that the Isabelline Shrike found on Friday, but not seen yesterday, was still present this morning. Like the Lesser Grey Shrike that I went to see earlier this year this bird was found by Marion B on this occasion John and Jon were also in on the discovery.
I'm very fond of Shrikes and it's very easy to spend a long time watching them. Not surprisingly I've taken a bit of video of this bird which can be found on the link below

Isabelline Shrike video

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Great shots Mark and a crackin' piece of video footage.
I must admit to sharing your fondness for shrikes and thoroughly enjoyed the bird yesterday.