19 December 2011

Gower Bird Hospital Lesser Black-backed Gulls

(Pin 1) Release site for all birds in Swansea Bay
The above map shows the emerging pattern of sightings of colour-ringed Lesser Black-backed Gulls rehabilitated at the Gower Bird Hospital in recent years. It clearly demonstrates that the migratory behaviour of birds treated at the hospital fits neatly within the normal pattern expected for this species, with winter distribution along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula and north-west Africa. The majority of birds treated at the hospital are local breeders from West Glamorgan, a proprotion of which have been fitted with a dark blue ring bearing a white 'Y'. From 2012 birds will be marked with unique rings rather a standard scheme marker, so it will be possible to produce life histories of individuals of these long-lived birds. If you see any colour-ringed gulls, you can report your sighting via the European Colour-ring Birding website at http://www.cr-birding.org/.

For more information about the excellent work carried out by the Gower Bird Hospital visit http://www.gowerbirdhospital.org.uk

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