02 December 2011

Great Northern Diver in Bracelet Bay

Great Northern Diver from Bracelet Bay car park
An adult Great Northern Diver was showing at pretty close range in Bracelet Bay yesterday. It  flew into the bay from the Port Talbot Docks direction just after first light and was constantly on the move flying off west and east, flying back and diving in the bay, on occasions not far from the shore and rocks. Later on, while at Crymlyn Burrows, a Great Northern Diver was watched flying from the Mumble direction and landed on the sea in the shipping channel beyond the Neath river mouth and it was assume to be this same, mobile bird. Aged as an adult due to the white spots found on its back which are the remnants of adult summer plumage. Hard to make out in this photo but also the black tip to the bill and black cutting edges towards the end of the bill also indicate an adult bird.

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