17 December 2011


Not such a nice scene or experience was reported by Mark Newton and another couple visiting the bird hide at Oxwich today. Mark told me that he took provisions enough to stay in the hide all day in the hope of photographing Otters and other wildlife. His visit was soon interrupted however, by a gang of shooters who were loitering in the reeds right next to the hide and actually shot over it. Putting the fact that Oxwich is supposed to be a bird reserve aside, shooting this close to a site where the public are encouraged to visit and are effectively hidden by vegetation just seems wrong!
I will make a few enquiries, but until information is available stating when shooters are in the marsh and where they will be shooting I would suggest that it is unsafe for people to visit the bird hide. This activity is especially disappointing after all the hard work that has been put in to recreating the wetland habitats on site by CCW staff.


Anonymous said...

I think you will find that the shooters are members of the Penrice shooting syndicate.

Barry Stewart said...

Thanks Anonymous. I don't want to name and shame (I've deliberately blurred the face of the minor and the rest have their faces turned), but at least now CCW can make contact with them to discuss a sensible solution to this issue.

Jeff said...

This is reckless if not downright dangerous behaviour to say the least.
In my opinion any photographic evidence should be sent to the police for them to take the appropriate action,surely such ludicrous behaviour breaches the conditions of of their shotgun licences.
This is a nature reserve after all !!

David Gilmore said...

I agree Jeff, it is a NNR and I thought shooting was banned throughout. However BS needs to be diplomatic and this should be investigated properly going through the correct channels.

Jeff said...

Fair enough Jake,I appreciate that a certain amount of diplomacy needs to be used.Shooting has gone on in Norfolk when I've been up there in winter,I've heard the guns,but not in such close proximity a bird hide where members of the public are watching and walking between the hide and the main road.
I assume that although a NNR the marsh is part of the Penrice Estate who hold shooting rights.