22 February 2013

Hottentot-fig in Gower

Hottentot-fig at Rotherslade on 1st Jan 2013
note shoot broken  off with potential to establish elsewhere.
Last year three instances came to light of Hottentot-fig (Carpobrotus edulis) having been planted at sites on the South Gower coast; at Bracelet Bay, Rotherslade and Horton. Despite its inclusion on Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, which makes it illegal to plant or introduce it in the wild, it is sometimes unwittingly planted at sites where it presents a risk to native flora. The image above shows the plant at Rotherslade, which not only had draped down the wall where it could be broken up and washed away to new sites by the sea, but was actually noted to have shed stem sections.
(c) S. Hathaway
Bracelet Bay removal completed
Thankfully Sean Hathaway from the City and County of Swansea has organised and carried out the removal of the plants at Bracelet Bay and Rotherslade (the latter filling 19 waste bags) and has informed me that the Horton plants are also to be dealt with shortly, so for the time being all appears well. However, it is possible that material has been swept to other parts of the coast, so please do let Sean or myself know if you see this highly invasive plant anywhere near the sea, planted or otherwise.

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Dan said...

Glad to see the back of this beautiful but invasive species. Ironically planted by swansea council and then removed by swansea council.