20 February 2013

The early bat catches the moth ?

I was sat in garden last night listening to the resident song thrush giving it his all when I saw my first bat of the year. I sadly did not have my detector to hand but it was a clearly a pipistrelle flying very, very low indeed. It is certainly not the ideal time for bats to emerge from torpor and I wonder is anyone else has seen any bats flying recently, and if so, please could you let me know (d.w.forman@swansea.ac.uk).

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Paul Tabor said...

Dan bats fat levels would be coming to an end now so some are forced to come out to feed and drink a little earlier than usual i've seen them out in jan hope this is useful here's a link for you http://www.bats.org.uk/pages/a_year_in_the_life_of_a_bat.html