18 February 2013

spring is on the way

Today in the university.
Bombus terrestris and Scaeva pyrastri @ Crocus and Episyrphus balteatus @ Dandelion.
Added to Frog spawn about 3 weeks ago on the north side of Cefn Bryn and baby Mallard and flowering Blackthorn at Slimbridge yesterday and I'd say there's scope for hope.

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Barry Stewart said...

We noted our first clump of spawn in our Gorseinon garden pond on the 28th Jan this year, which was quickly followed by six more clumps over the following three nights. The males are still singing away, albeit less vociferously, and if previous years are anything to go by, they will continue singing sporadically throughout the year. I would say autumn seems to be a time when activity increases above the low level background murmurings?