20 February 2013

more insects

In university yesterday lunchtime

Bombus pratorum, Episyrphus balteatus and Eristalis tenax all @ Crocus

Not staggering occurrences but signs of spring. P.S. Where's it gone today?


Barry Stewart said...

I was above Glyn-neath in the sunshine all Monday and it was like winter up there - the only active invertebrate I saw was a small ladybird (poss 11-spot, but I was too cold to look any closer!).
I was sent a photograph of Adders at Oxwich basking on Monday, so not just inverts stirring.

Mark Hipkin said...

To show support for 'scope for hope' and an early spring I can add the following to yesterday's action:-

Nick Edwards had an active Honey Bee colony around the base of a tree above Tonna

Charles Hipkin had a Red Admiral in the garden on crocus

I had a Peacock at Cwm Clydach heading south (Spain?)