20 January 2010

Brent Geese in the Burry Inlet

Part of a flock of 145 Dark-bellied Brent Geese at Crofy on 9th January 2010
Although I have not made any complete counts on the Burry this winter (this task is carried out relgiously by Bob Howells), my own observations suggest that numbers of Brent Geese seem lower than in previous winters. Figures extracted for Gower Birds for the period 1968-2008, show that the population on the Burry has in fact fluctuated quite markedly in recent years. The reasons are likely to be complex but breeding success and an increase in movements between winter sites are probable key factors. The peak count on the Burry was fairly recently in December 2005 when 1680 were in the estuary.

Data from Gower Birds (Grenfell et al, 1969-2009)
[NB. Last two years data incomplete so figures may be higher than shown]

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