23 January 2010

Grebes and Divers Galore!

First of all apologies for the poor quality photos! They show one of the many Red-throated Divers in the Bay. Today I saw at least 12 Red-throats in small groups throughout the bay, but judging by the numbers flying around I would suggest that there are over 20 birds present.

The Grebe numbers dwarf the diver numbers by comparison. The Great Crested Grebe is a common bird,but seeing them in such vast numbers is quite something. I counted 165 birds off Aberavon beach in the morning and 196 birds off Crymlyn Burrows Beach this afternoon. The Grebes could be seen in large rafts off Aberavon Beach while I was counting the grebes just off Crymlyn Burrows which reassures me that the counts involve different birds.

The Fem/imm Velvet Scoter also still present off Aberavon Beach


Barry Stewart said...

196 + 165 = a lot of grebes! great count Mark. Wonder if anyone counted the birds off Blackpill today?

Barry Stewart said...

Rob Taylor and Mark Newton counted 122 G.C.Grebes at Blackpill yesterday making what is probably an unprecedentd total of 483 birds!

Mark Hipkin said...

That's great. It truly is quite a sight. They seem in for the long haul too. 3 jet skis were bombing around the bay yesterday but didn't spook the Grebes. The Velvet Scoter and Divers did take flight. I was at Crymlyn Burrows today and counted 198 with many more still off Aberavon Beach. Only 1 Red-throat this afternoon but 8 Grey Plover on the beach was nice.