19 January 2010

Harbour Porpoise off Mumbles

I saw at least 4 porpoise in the race off Mumbles Head last week. Not sure how regular this occurs at this time of year as I've always thought they were more frequent in summer? On a related matter, I found out from a chance meeting with Prof. Paul Brain from Swansea Uni that there are proposals to drill and gasify coal deposits in Swansea Bay. Clearly the potential risks to Porpoise and other marine life are likely to be significant. For more info check out Paul's blog http://professorpbrainsblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/jumping-jack-flash-its-gas-gas-gas.html

For other info on cetacean sightings in South Wales check out http://whaleswales.blogspot.com/


Neil Edwards said...

Last nights Swansea Evening Post has an article on Mumbles Lifeboat rescuing a stranded "dolphin" from the foreshore at Mumbles and returning it to deep water on 29th December.

Barry Stewart said...

Any photos or indication of what species this was?