08 January 2010

Dark-throated Thrush at Nitten Field

Philip Croft had very good views of a female Dark-throated Thrush in the Nitten Field (SS423875) this morning. The bird was seen both in the hedge by the south-eastern corner of the field and also in the adjacent part of Mewslade Valley. Subsequent searches by Neil Edwards and myself for a couple of hours this afternoon failed to relocate the bird, though the field and valley were both alive with bird activity, so if it is still around it may take a bit more patience than we were able to give today? Gordon and Beryl Howe, the owners of the field told me that they are happy for birders to walk through the Nitten Field (please do not trespass in other fields) to search for the thrush. For anyone tempted to search for the bird the location of sighting is shown by the circle below:

Other birds seen by Neil and myself in and around the field included 6 Woodcock, 1 Snipe, 40+ Skylark, 30+ Fieldfare, ~100 Song Thrush, 200+ Redwing, 150+ Chaffinch, 1 Brambling, 50+ Goldlfinch, 15+ Yellowhammer & 50+ Reed Bunting - but who knows what else might be lurking in the Viel field system given the comparatively 'milder' conditions of south-west Gower?

To see the Nitten field in summer click:

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