18 March 2010

Colour-ringed Choughs at Rhossili

Bob Haycock provided details of these colour-ringed Choughs photographed by Frank Rott from the Rhossili Coastguard station on 7th March. We receive surprisingly few sightings of colour-ringed Choughs in Gower, so if you do see any please take a photo or note down the ring combination. As can be seen the information provides a fascinating insight into the lives of these birds.
Bob wrote:
[Left:Green/Red, Right:Red/BTO] - was ringed as a nestling at the Pennard nest-site in May 2004. I have records of it on Gower in 2005 and 2006 and also at Ogmore in April 2006 but until this re-sighting I was unaware of subsequent more recent sightings.
[Left:Blue/Red, Right:Red/BTO] - was ringed as a nestling in South Pembrokeshire on the Castlemartin peninsula, also in May 2004. There were a number of re-sightings in 2005 and in winter 2005/06 in south Pembs. Then it was seen at Overton Cliff Glamorgan on 11th August 2007 and it was seen at Broughton Bay Gower on 23rd October 2007. There may be other re-sightings on Gower of both these birds but I have no records.


Barry Stewart said...

Bob wrote: 'Having had a much closer look on three different PCs and in good room-lit conditions, I have to concur that the image of one of the colour-ringed birds is indeed black over red rather than a dark blue over red as I thought it was initially. Furthermore it was ringed at Pennard (in May 2005 if I recall) which also makes a bit more sense.'

Paul Copner said...

Popcop. Just found your site. I have pictures of several Chough pairs at barn on Llangennith Marsh, 04/03/09. Two pair both with rings, showing left blue above red, and right red, its apparent partner has left white and right blue above red. Other pair, left green above red, right red above black?. Partner, left black above red, right red above white.