11 March 2010

Welcome to Gower...A.O.N.B.!

Every March the Gower Commons are subjected to this illegal activity, some years the damage is worse than others, but with the dry conditions we're experiencing I'm sure there will be more to come. Personally I'm not totally against controlled burning, but burning on this scale is particularly damaging to heathland fauna. The Gower Commons should be alive with scarce invertebrates and birds, instead these large tracts of land are often impoverished as extensive burning has killed off whole populations, with little opportuity for recovery. So much for these sites being protected, surely it is about time that something was done to encourage the commoners to act a bit more responsibly. The fauna will come back if given a chance.

Bog Mytle rarely gets a chance to grow much taller than a foot high in Gower. Needless to say any associated invertebrates stand little or no chance of surviving burning year on year.


KasiaSzpak said...

Why do they do this and how can it be legal? I am truly shocked!

Adam Tilt said...

The orange glow on the horizon above Gower for the last week shows how bad it is this year. I was wondering if it was legal or not so I am even more disgusted now.