26 March 2010

The first sanctioned release of an alien species and it's in Swansea!

A trial release of a Japanese Psyllid Aphalara itadori (a hemipteroid sap-sucking insect) has been sanctioned to take place in Swansea in July. The following two newspaper articles are all I I know about at present:



Personally I have reservations about how effective a control agent it will actually be. As far as I am aware it will not be used to transmit a specific pathogen, so surely it's just going to live on the plant, rather than eradicate it! From the little I know about this project, it currently makes no sense to me, but I'll be happy to be put on the right track.

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Barry Stewart said...

Perhaps the newly arroved Harlequin Ladybirds will control these control agents before they have a chance to control the Knotweed! Ecology is never simple and I suspect this trial will throw up a few surprises...