26 March 2010

Update on: Frogs, Toads and Otters

Toads were singing last night at Llanrhidian, though good numbers had been eaten by the local Otters, which had cleverly discarded the skins. Interestingly the spraint contained a lot of crab fragments, so these animals must be feeding extensively in the saltmarsh creeks.
About time for another Frog spawn update, though only a few more new records received, so if you know of any sites where spawn has been observed please let me know and I'll add to the database.


Barry Stewart said...

Mark Newton wrote:
Last Night
c24 Toads at Llanrhidian
c5 Toads at Welshmoor

Barry Stewart said...

Map updated with additional records from Jackie Thomas, Mike Launder, Sarah Stevens and Jamie Bevan