14 March 2010

putative American Herring Gull at Cefn Sidan

Heavily cropped photo (no other adjustments) taken by Gary Harper of what looks to me like an excellent candidate for L.a.smithsonianus at Cefn Sidan (SN3701) today. The bird was found yesterday by Dominic Davidson, Carmarthenshire's premier league Larid finder! Not seen the bird myself yet, but judging by Gary's photo it looks like it would be well worth the trip. Additional features not apparent in the photo also suggestive of a very good find...
Bird is a 30 minute walk up the beach from Pembrey C.P. (not sure of cost but prob about £2.50 per car to get in - park in northern mst car park). If you want to avoid the parking fee but are happy adding an extra km or so to your beach walk, turn left and follow the fence a few hundred meteres before the park entrance and park at SS408995.

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