05 August 2010

Essex Skipper update (Cardiff beaten by Glyn-neath)

After seeing the post on Essex Skipper (link below), Becky Sharp (NPT Biodiversity Unit) sent me a species list from a planning application for the Selar site that contained a record of this species. The observation was made on 06 Aug 2009 by consultants working for Cetic Energy Ltd and judging by the list of other invertebrates recorded, there appears to be little doubt that the record is good. This record precedes the only other two Glamorgan records; one at Kenfig NNR on 19 July 2010 (Mike Clark) and one in Cardiff (Gareth Stamp) see http://goweros.blogspot.com/2010/07/cardiff-beats-swansea-to-race-for-essex.html.

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