24 August 2010

Sandwich Terns at Port Eynon

Every autumn a day-roost of Sandwich Terns develops on the beach at Port Eynon. It always amazes me how tolerant these birds are of human disturbance, often allowing kids with buckets and spades to get within almost 10m of them before reluctantly adjust their postion a little further along the shore.
Today Sand and myself counted 75 birds, although the maximum I have recorded there was 164 on 22nd September 2004. I dare say there are larger counts mentioned in the old GOS reports.
In addition to the terns there were four Grey Seals in the water in the sheltered lee of Sedger's Bank.

1 comment:

Mark Hipkin said...

Great Shots Barry. With all these Terns around it's little wonder there are a few Skuas about too. Which can't be bad!