09 August 2010

Sightings at Port Eynon Point

Off Port Eynon Point yesterday evening there was plenty of activity. 13+ Common Dolphins were feeding just off Sedger's Bank, giving great views especially when feeding, often jumping right out of the water with Gannets diving into the same patch. Also interesting to see the Manxies following the Gannets and diving into the same spot straight after a Gannet dive. 60+ Kittiwakes and 44 'Commic' Terns also feeding in same area (all those identifiable being Commons).

On the land was the very odd plume moth Agdistis meridionalis a Red Data Book species associated with Rock Sea-lavender, which perculiarly sits with its wings rolled up above its head. It is a reluctant flier and therefore not that easy to find.


Caroline Gill said...

Great finds.

Mark Hipkin said...

What a crazy looking moth. Good photo too.

sue said...

the moth is amazing! i'm not sure i'd have known it was a moth is you hadn't said.