15 August 2010

Kestrel at Port Eynon

Peter Douglas-Jones wrote: 'Scruffy male kestrel in moult this morning. Port Eynon near the youth hostel. Between 08.48:14 and 08.49:46 I took 41 shots: none, I suspect, worth printing bigger than A5 size. At 08.48:14 he had a lizard in his feet. At 08.48:16 a good length of the lizard was hanging out of the bird's beak. Three shots at 08.48:18 showed diminishing lengths of the lizzard's tail - and then it had been eaten. The bird was back on patrol straight away. At 08.49:19 it was diving. At 08.49:23 a frame includes kestrel and the tops of the bracken.
It was then out of sight behind the bracken. My next shot was of the bird rising at 08.49:31, carrying what may have been a great green bush cricket - certainly a cricket or grasshopper, green. If the living is this easy, why aren't there more kestrels?'

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