18 November 2010

Goldeneyes at Eglwys

A Good count of 29 Goldeneye at Eglwys today. Highlander had 29 earlier this year on the 14th Feb. But Barry Stewart holds the database record for Goldeneye at this site with 66 on 26th December 2000. Testing out some Christmas equipment maybe?


Barry Stewart said...

There are bound to be hgher counts as there are a lot of data for this site not entered into MapMate. A winter job for someone one day!

Meriwether said...

The highest in EG is 106 at the Ogmore - a VC41 record. I have looked through old reports and the highest I can find is 55 on 3/04/76. Looking at the numbers for 2000, I would suggest that Gower reports either side of the period 2000 may produce a figure beyond 66. As BS states, a nice little winter job!!

Barry Stewart said...

Quite right Jake, a quick look at Gower Birds Vol:7/5 reveals a count of 85 at Eglwys for January 2001 (DMC, GM, GR, EGW et al.).