10 November 2010

Yellow-browed Warbler

Clayton Lawrence found and photographed Carmarthenshire's fourth and Penclacwydd's third Yellow-browed Warbler on the 8th November. The image shows nicely the clean whitish underparts, small bill, long-thin creamy supercilium and double wingbar.


Peter J Morgan said...

head has a Pallas's feel?

Mark Hipkin said...

Very nice bird Clayton and well done getting the photo too.

Peter, I can't agree with you there. On Pallas's I think you would expect to see a bolder supercilium which would also appear 2 toned. Yellow in front of the eye and whiter behind. The eye stripe would also appear much darker and the same goes for the part of the crown you can see in the photo. This would be in contrast with the back which would be paler. I've never seen a Pallas's though so I might be wrong! Hope I see one day though. Preferably this year in NPT :o)

Anonymous said...

Mark, have sent note to Barry. Brightness and colour variation on PW very variable. some 2 toned others one colour, whitish or yellow. Depth of colour across, coverts, eyestripes, rump varaiable, even within the same bird!

Check out Portland Bird Obs website for this and previous autumns.

Other pictures may show other key features of YBW. always hate to comment on one pic alone.

Barry Stewart said...

Bird seen by several experienced birders and was definitely not a Pallas's - no yellow rump or crown stripe, etc. As you say not always easy from a single image and no harm in asking. Cheers, Barry

Mark Hipkin said...

You're right, there is a lot of variation. Knowing the commoner Phylloscopus' should have made me appreciate that. I won't be so hasty next time.

Good site that 'Portland Obs,' although not good for my own classification of a good days birding.

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