07 November 2010

Mystery skull on beach

A well decomposed carcass on the beach near Burry Holmes had this well cleaned skull attached. Looks like it may have been a Grey Seal by its size but I.m not 100% sure. Any Ideas ??? [photos by Paul Parsons]

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Barry Stewart said...

Rob Colley wrote: Grey Seal seems likely (on the other hand, I haven’t seen the dog this morning...): the big eye sockets & flared cheek bones are (I think!) diagnostic of seals; the flat skull top suggests Grey rather than Common; the (confusing) back-of-skull abrupt shear is (I think!) pm damage/photo’ artefact. On the one seal skull I’ve seen, I don’t remember a sagittal crest, which photo’ appears to show a hint of - I wonder if this is an adult male feature?