28 November 2010


Yesterday we drove up the very icy road going up and over Mynydd-y-Gwair. At 371m I think this is probably the highest land within the City and County of Swansea. Knowing the road down the other side was much steeper, on reaching the top we decided going back the same way was probably sensible. The wind was bitterly cold, but the scenery was very beautiful., however, the only bird we saw up there was a lone Pied Wagtail on the road!
The photo below shows a view of part of the M-y-G wind farm application site. This application has been to public enquiry, but I have not heard yet if the application for this site has been approved or not?


Colin Richards said...

Nice shots Barry. Its a great shame that such vistas will not be around for much longer. I know that some (if not all) of the local farmers are apposed to the windfarm project and the SWPMG has supported them with letters of complaint at various meetings in the past. Its an area I know quite well and probably the last high level tract of upland within the Gower recording area.

Colin, Maesteg

Barry Stewart said...

Cheers Colin - from a purely selfish point of view and because of the potential impact on the local Red Kites, I hope this application is rejected.