22 November 2010

Peregrine kill

Lyn Fishlock wrote: 'Out for an hour's birding this morning along the saltmarsh down river from Neath - just the usual suspects en route. But then on my way back just walking along the canal under the flyover when right over my head flew a peregrine - nothing unusual in that you could say - but it was carrying a jackdaw in it's talons !!!! It flew out to an electricity pylon on the marsh and after a little rest for a couple of minutes proceeded to tear said jackdaw to bits - feathers flying everywhere. That rounded off the morning nicely.'

Barry wrote: From what I've seen of the Jackdaw flock at that site, the Peregrines are unlikely to run short of food! I have also seen Peregrines take the occasional Jackdaw. I did video one at Blackpill once - which I will try and dig out.

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Anonymous said...

Peter J Morgan

In the Forest Farm/Radyr/Taffs well area peregrines regularly take Jackdaws.The males often being attacked by crows and dropping their prey, females are more successful and are followed by big flocks of corvids.