22 March 2012

Beached Bird Survey 2012

Many thanks to all those who helped with the recent Beached Bird Survey. I'm pleased to say that we had 100% coverage this year. The beaches surveyed stretched from Aberavon Beach round the south Gower coast to Whiteford Point.

This is an important annual UK wide survey that has been running since 1991. The results are used in conjunction with those from other European countries and aim to contribute to international monitoring efforts to document trends in chronic marine oil pollution and to promote adequate methods of controlling illegal oil discharge to help reduce seabird mortality.

The number of birds found this year was again relatively low: 1 Black Headed Gull; 1 Great Black Backed Gull; 1 Common Gull; 1 Gannet and 2 Gull wings. There was no sign of oiling on the birds. There was a very small amount of light oil/coal dust on a couple of patches of beach, otherwise the beaches were clean and free of oil.

The National Beached Bird Survey is currently under review and we wait to see if it will take place again in 2013.

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