22 March 2012

Robins on the move

If your winter Robin has disappeared and you wonder where it might be, this recovery might provide a clue. Ringed in it's year of hatching at Grimstadvatnet on the west coast of Norway on 29th August 2009, this unfortunate individual was killed by a cat in Llanelli this week. It's probable that the bird returned to Scandinavia during the summers of 2010 and 2011, so must have notched up a few miles.
Many thanks to Melinda Williams and Wendell Thomas for passing the ring on to me.


Dewi said...

Nice record Barry.Thanks to Melinda and Wendell for sharing.Just wondering if this is a distance record for a Robin ?

David Carrington said...

Not bad. The best recovery for a robin I've ringed was an individual at Kenfig that turned up on Flat Holm a few days later.