26 March 2012

Reynoldston mosses

Several scarce vascular plants have been noted growing in the base-rich flushes running off Cefn Bryn by Reynoldston PO, such as White-beaked Sedge (Rhynchospora alba) and Oblong-leaved Sundew (Drosera intermedia), both last noted in1973. Probably due to the time of year, there was no sign of either on the weekend, but mosses were very much in evidence, including these two noteworthy species, neither of which have previously been recorded in Gower:
Thick-nerved Apple-moss (Philonotis calcarea)
Intermediate Hook-moss (Scorpidium cossonii)
The only other mosses and liverworts noted were:
Bog Groove-moss (Aulacomnium palustre)
Cow-horn Bog-moss (Sphagnum denticulatum)
Delicate Germanderwort (Riccardia multifida)
Greasewort (Aneura pinguis)
Lustrous Bog-moss (Sphagnum subnitens)
Marsh Bryum (Bryum pseudotriquetrum)
Neat Feather-moss (Pseudoscleropodium purum)
Papillose Bog-moss (Sphagnum papillosum)
Pointed Spear-moss (Calliergonella cuspidata)
Springy Turf-moss (Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus)
Yellow Starry Feather-moss (Campylium stellatum)


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