13 March 2012

The moth season has started

dew-covered wings of a Common Quaker 
The moth season never really goes away, as even in the middle of winter there are species on the wing. But mild March days can produce good numbers of the early spring species and this mornings catch was the best so far for us with totals of 18 Common Quakers, 17 Small Quakers, 5 Clouded Drabs, 4 Hebrew Characters and singles of Epiphyas postvittana, Early Grey and Grey Shoulder-knot, the latter being only the 3rd record for the garden. Hymenopteran interest was provided by a queen Early Bumblebee (Bombus pratorum). Many moths don't make it into the trap and end up resting on the grass around it covered in dew...

... I should add there is a very rare species called the Dew Moth, but sadly this isn't it!

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Simon said...

Beautiful photograph Barry.