23 May 2012

Cream-coloured Courser heading this way?

Yesterday, I made the visit to see the Cream-coloured Courser at Kington Golf Course which is located on Bradnor Hill , Herefordshire. It's a quite stunning bird which has been there for a few days. However, today it was reported to fly off high in a SW direction. If it follows a SSW direction that would bring it into our area! Seems very unlikely but you never know.

Also it gives me a great excuse to put the video that I took of the bird on here.

Cream-coloured Courser video


Clive Ellis said...
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Clive Ellis said...

Fantastic footage.

Mark Hipkin said...

Thanks Clive. It is the most amazing bird.

Barry Stewart said...

Very nice Mark. I must admit to an evening trip out to Whiteford Point after I heard it flew of s.w.!