29 May 2012

Sea Stock at Kenfig rivermouth

Kenfig Rivermouth 21st May 2012
The embryo dunes around the Kenfig Rivermouth currently support a strong population of Sea Stock (Matthiola sinuata), with over 300 plants counted recently. Outside of Glamorgan the species is known only from North Devon, so it's good to report that it is doing well at a number of our sites. Plants are now starting to come into flower (below right) and can be found just behind the strand-line on most West Glamorgan beaches.
The yellow-flowered sub-species of Wild Pansy (Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii) also occurs here along with a wide range of other fore dune species.


Stewart M said...

Hi there - very nice pictures. Good to know the stocks are doing well.

I used to live on the other side of the Bristol Channel.

Stewart M - Australia

Barry Stewart said...

Thanks Stewart - I dare say there are a few interesting plants of sandy habitats where you live now!