28 May 2012

Red-eyed Damselfly at Neath Canal

male Red-eyed Damselfly

A total of 17 Red-eyed Damselfly were at the Neath Canal yesterday afternoon. They were showing along a stretch of canal located in the Penrhitwyn area. Some other notables included Variable Damselfly(12), Azure Damselfly(38), Blue-tailed Damselfly(20), Large Red Damselfly(3), Hairy Dragonfly(50+) and Four-spotted Chaser(1)

More photos and location details can be found on the link below

VC41 dragonfly blog


Barry Stewart said...

Sounds like there's a good population present at this site - did you see ne reported seeing Small Red-eyes at the Gnoll yesterday?

Barry Stewart said...

Sorry 'small red damselflies' reported, not 'small red-eyes' and it turns out he meant unidentified damselflies that were small and red!