17 May 2012

Hoverfly Help Needed

(c) Ian Tew

Andrew Lucas wrote...
I'm coming into the second year of a study of pollinating insects, mainly bees and hoverflies, in Welsh grasslands. The study involves catching insects in pan traps - or 'washing up bowls' as they are commonly known - in different grassland types.
To protect the traps from grazing animals, I put up a small amount of fencing, and this is where I need some help. I'm looking for volunteers to help with the fence building. No previous knowledge or skills are needed. All the sites are on grassland SSSIs that are not open to the public, so this is a chance to see bits of Carmarthenshire and Swansea that you may not have visited before.
If you are interested, please email me as soon as possible at 599841@swansea.ac.uk The first weekend's work is this Sunday, 20 May, and will continue for the next two to three weeks.
Andrew Lucas
Swansea Ecology Research Team
Department of Biosciences
College of Science
Swansea University
Bryn Crwys 2011

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