08 May 2012

Seasonal Ducks at WWT

Two shots taken by Rob Taylor of two scarce ducks that appeared on The Lagoon at Llanelli WWT over the weekend:
Male Smew 6th May (c) R.H.A. Taylor
Spring records of this winter visitor are unusual and as doubts about the origins of any out of season duck are always raised, it will be interesting to see if it appears elsewhere over the next days or weeks? Behaviour is always helpful in deciding; in its favour, it does not appear to have hung around long either at Llanelli or in Gwent, assuming it was the same bird seen here a day or two before?
Male Garganey 7th May (c) R.H.A. Taylor
Another handsome duck is the Garganey which regularly turns up in spring in small numbers. At least three birds appeared in South Wales on the 7th, so there's no doubt this is the real McCoy.

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matt hunter said...

saw the smew on same day as rob on 3 occasions - was quite flighty and seen sheltering under trees on far bank of lagoon- (the smew not rob)