29 August 2012

Another harvestman in Pontarddulais

Another species discovered in relatively recent times is Dicranopalpus ramosus. This is a much more conspicuous species than Sabacon, so the first British record from Bournemouth in 1957 and its subsequent rapid spread throughout southern counties is probably a good reflection of its true status. It is an easy harvestman to identify, not just because it has large claw-like palps, but it has a unique resting position whereby it sits appressed to the leaf, trunk or wall with legs splayed out together at right angles to the body. It is not uncommon locally but like most obscure groups is poorly recorded, so is worth noting/photographing if you come across it.

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Adam mantell said...

I have seen these in Rhoose Barry - there was one sitting on the wall of the house a few months ago. Very distinctive as you say. Great photo but it does look like a cross between a lobster and an alien close up!